FabriTRAK System

FabriTRAK® is an exceptional fire-retardant rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using textiles such as fabric, felt, leather, silk and vinyl, as an interior finish for walls and ceilings.

Acoustic System for Walls & Ceilings

FabriTRAK® established itself early on by creating a framework, known as ‘trak’, that is manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives tested to virtually no VOC emissions.

The FabriTRAK® System incorporates over 50 profiles of wall and ceiling trak, infill and fabric, and is designed to reduce Hertz levels (noise), enhance speech clarity and privacy, and provide an excellent articulation index, all while allowing designers total creativity in an interior space.

All FabriTRAK® Systems are constructed and installed on site by our experts, ensuring precise panel alignment and an exact fit. FabriTRAK® is never pre-fabricated and design changes may be made at the time of installation – creating a completely customized sound solution.

  1. Choose a Trak Profile: 
    • FabriTRAK® is available in round edge, square edge and bevel edge details in sizes ranging from 3/8″ (10mm) to 2″ (50mm). However, any depth can be achieved with a custom build-out. There are over 50 different traks available to meet your every need. Fabric is inserted into specially designed fabric-receiving jaws with serrated and meshed teeth for superior gripping and holding.
  2. Choose an Infill:
    • Infill materials offer superb sound control solutions
    • Acoustic infills contribute to the NRC ratings of the entire FabriTRAK® System. TerraCORE® Poly and FabriTACK® are sound absorbing products that have their own benefits when included in the FabriTRAK® System. FabriBLOK® is used in the FabriTRAK® System as a noise isolation barrier.
  3. Choose a Fabric:
    • Customize the space with fabric in any color, style, and texture
    • FabriSPAN® offers a complete collection of fabrics available in wide width (10′) and ultra-wide widths (16′). Most fabrics can be custom dyed to any color or image – affording the designer total creativity in an interior space.
      • FabriSPAN®: wide width and ultra-wide width fabrics
    • FabriPRINT: FabriART and FabriPATTERN
    • FabriFELT: 100% natural wool felt, available upon request