Moisture Control & Mold Prevention

Are you looking for an efficient and economical way to control excess moisture and prevent mold growth? At Precision Walls, Inc. we can help you do just that with our fluid applied air/moisture barriers.

Since opening our doors in 1977, we have been providing premier moisture control services to commercial customers across the Southeast, including those in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Georgia. Our fluid applied air/moisture barriers are recognized as some of the most successful in the industry.


Permeable vs. Impermeable Vapor Barriers

When incorporating fluid applied air/moisture barriers in wall assemblies, it is important that you take into consideration air permeability. We offer you two types of vapor barriers:

  • Permeable Vapor Barriers: Our Vapor-Permeable Air Barriers are airtight and watertight. However, they are highly vapor permeable and can typically be positioned anywhere in the wall assembly for great design flexibility.
  • Impermeable Vapor Barriers: Precision Walls’ Impermeable (Non-Permeable) Air Barrier membranes act as air barriers, vapor barriers and rain barriers. They have been tested to resist air leakage, have very low vapor permeance and are watertight.

Whether you choose a permeable vapor barrier or impermeable vapor barrier depends largely on climate and wall design. Contact us today for help deciding which of the two options is the right fit for you and your moisture control needs.


Advantages of Our Air Barrier & Seamless Moisture Barrier

When properly applied, components of our moisture control system function as an air barrier and seamless moisture barrier in the wall assembly. Some of the advantages of our fluid applied air/moisture barrier include:

  • Commercial-grade membrane that seals and protects your building
  • ICC code recognized for performance
  • Helps prevent up to 40% energy loss
  • Protects sheathing and CMU (concrete masonry unit)
  • Can be used behind EIFS, stucco, brick, vinyl, cement board, siding and metal panels
  • Meets requirements of the Air Barrier Association of America


Headquartered in the Raleigh, NC area, Precision Walls, Inc. proudly serves commercial customers in Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh and Wilmington, NC; Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, SC; Nashville, TN; Richmond, VA and throughout the Southeast.