FabricTRAK Fabric Options


Offers a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space.

FabriSPAN®wide width (10′) and ultra-wide width (16′) eliminate distracting horizontal seams on interior walls and ceilings. FabriSPAN® fabrics have passed through rigorous fire and acoustic testing. Our fabrics included in the FabriTRAK® or GeoTRAK® System (trak, infill, fabric) achieve high NRC values of .85.


Create a custom look with superior sound management.

FabriPRINT is a unique product that combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming a wall or ceiling into a work of art. Fabrics can be custom dyed at 10′ – allowing the designer complete creativity. FabriPRINT is designed too with the FabriTRAK® and GeoTRAK® wall and ceiling systems.

FabriART enables interior designers the ability to add art, photography, graffiti or logos to a wide range of fabrics that when installed with the trak and infill create a sound interior environment.

FabriPATTERN is used when designers are looking to create an interior space where consistency is key, either with the repetition of a logo, or an image of bricks, wood panels, stones, and more on a fabric covered wall or ceiling.

FabriFELT – The world’s oldest known textile is one of today’s top interior trends.

FabriFELT by FabriTRAK Systems Inc. is an eco-friendly material that is DECLARE certified and suitable for LEED v4 projects.

FabriFELT is suitable for walls and ceilings and can be easily inserted into the FabriTRAK and GeoTRAK profiles. The material is versatile and durable while providing a natural warmth and excellent sound absorption.

FabriFELT is 100% pure wool felt and is available in 23 standard heathered and solid colors. The felt is 100% recyclable and made without the use of harmful chemicals.