We began as a drywall company over four decades ago with only a handful of dedicated, hard-working employees.  Over the years that followed, we grew in numbers, added new products and services, and gained additional expertise.  Precision Walls, Inc. is now a commercial construction company consistently recognized among the Top 10 wall and ceiling specialty contractors in the United States. You can imagine our memories, and the pride and gratitude we feel as Founders.   We credit much of this accomplishment to having worked with great customers, and to consistently having some of the most skilled and knowledgeable employees in our industry on our team.

Looking ahead, the future remains full of promise for our customers and our company.  Our workplace has grown and changed significantly since the company’s inception in 1977; however, our core values and culture have remained the same.   Safety, quality, and customer service form the compass that directs our team’s daily decisions.  Further, we still count it a privilege to work for our customers. General contractors, architects and owners rely on Precision Walls to be their trusted partner because we have the experience, products, and resources to be an integral part of their team.  We take our commitments seriously, and we strive to earn our customer’s repeat business.

For anyone considering our products and services, or seeking employment and opportunities for advancement in our industry, we welcome your interest in Precision Walls, Inc.  Most importantly – We thank you!  Whether you are among the customers and employees who partnered with us in the past, or those who will be part of our future, we recognize your importance and we appreciate you.


Loy & Elizabeth Allen