Acoustical wall panels offer an excellent solution to quiet your space through increased NRC’s. STC (Sound Transmission Class) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) can be confusing when attempting to control sound in your space. To simplify, STC ratings indicate a products effectiveness in reducing the amount of sound that is transmitted from one room to another. NRC ratings indicate how much sound a product can absorb within the space it is located. As an example, if you have been in a restaurant and the noise was uncomfortably loud due to the large number of voices present, this would be a great application for acoustical wall panels. The acoustical wall panels would absorb part of the sound within the space to create a more comfortable environment and allow softer clearer communication.

Precision Walls offers the following Acoustical Wall Panel solutions. Contact us and one of our acoustical specialist will inspect your space and provide the optimum acoustical solution.

  • Fabric-wrapped wall panels: Perfect for churches, conference rooms, studios, multi-purpose rooms, home theaters, music rooms and auditoriums.
  • Metal wall panels: Built with the use of large metal frames, metal wall panels are surrounded by a perforated skin which contains an encapsulated acoustical fiberglass sound absorber. They are often used in gyms, indoor swimming pools, pump rooms and industrial fabrication work areas. However, they can also be found in offices and conference rooms.
  • Stretch wall panels: Highly customized, stretch wall panels work by tightly stretching fabric over acoustical substrates, which are then applied to the substrate using a tracking system.


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