Precision Walls Inc - Brian Allen

Welcome to our website. On behalf of my family and colleagues at Precision Walls, Inc., I want to personally thank you for your interest in our company.

From its inception in 1977, Precision Walls, Inc. has built a reputation for safety, quality, and reliability.  Over the years, we have been honored to serve some of the best general contractors, architects, and owners in the industry. The long-term partnerships we have forged with our customers is due to the extraordinary individuals who make up our team.

At Precision Walls, we are keenly aware that our success as a commercial construction company rests on our continued commitment to the fulfillment of our Mission Statement – one we believe in and act on every day, on every project, and with every customer: Our Mission is building strong customer relationships and being the partner that helps drive your job.

“There’s no such thing as good enough.” That’s the standard our family set for this business from day one. Right from the beginning, you could always find the same principles applied in our household as you would find in the office or on the job site:  Do the right thing.  Lead don’t follow.  Take responsibility for your actions.  We continue to live and work by these principles.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding ways to do things better – while never losing sight of what got us here. Today, I am proud to offer our customers the services of an incredible team of people. Everyone understands we owe our existence to our valuable customers, so we strive each and every day to exceed your expectations. I am sure you will be impressed as you get to know these individuals and the work they do, and experience their commitment to serving you.

Our company is fortunate to have experienced incredible growth. We have seen changes in the industry and have responded by modernizing operations while continuing to bring our hard hats and old-fashioned work ethic to every job. When you consider Precision Walls for your next job, large or small, you can be sure of two things:  1) We are going to do what we say, and 2) We are going to do it right.

Enjoy our website – we hope that it provides you with both the information and assurance you need to further your relationship with Precision Walls, Inc. If you have any comments or suggestions about our website, please contact us.

Brian C. Allen