At Precision Walls, Inc., we are committed to ensuring we uphold the highest ethical, moral and legal standards. Trust, honesty, respect and integrity are fundamentals that directly reflect our values and Principles to Live By. Precision Walls’ commitment to ethics is portrayed in how we work with our customers, vendors and team members, creating a safe work environment for our team, and how we treat others. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is extremely important to us as a Company and helps ensure we are actively living up to these standards in all that we do.


Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements for Suppliers

At Precision Walls, Inc. we pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships and teams around trust and integrity. We value the relationships we have with our suppliers; one with shared values and principles and based on lawful, efficient, and fair dealings. We require our suppliers to obey applicable laws and ethical rules equivalent to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. It is important for us to work with partners that are compliant, provide a safe and healthy workplace and strive to protect the environment through their products and services.

All Precision Walls, Inc. suppliers and their employees should have knowledge of Precision Walls, Inc.’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and our Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements for Suppliers. Precision Walls, Inc. suppliers include all entities and persons that provide products or services to any Precision Walls, Inc. office location, pursuant or have contractual obligations.


Ethics Hotline

Precision Walls provides several options for employees to ask questions, raise a concern or report a suspected violation of our Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Policy. It is important to report all potential ethics and code of conduct violations promptly and honestly. We encourage you to report issues or concerns of misconduct without fear of being reprimanded or penalized for doing so.  Retaliation against employees who report good faith concerns is prohibited and will not be tolerated.  However, anyone who makes a report with malicious intent may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Call or text the 24-hour Ethics Hotline at – (919) 452-3492 – where you can choose to remain anonymous.