The Story Behind our Logo

Precision Walls Logo History

Back in 1977, our founder, Loy Allen Sr., began strategizing on a name and logo for the company. He went to talk to Ragland Manufacturing about doing business. At first, he was thinking about calling ourselves Walls, Inc. There were suggestions to include something about the quality of our walls. That is when Loy Allen Sr. decided on Precision Walls, Inc.

Once the name was set in stone, he started looking at the P in Precision. A micrometer immediately came to mind - which is a precise measuring instrument. Soon the 577 on the handle was added to represent May of 1977 when we incorporated. The micrometer has been our logo ever since and is so important to PWI. We've seen a lot of changes in the years and a lot of growth, but one thing that has never changed is our attention to quality.