Meet our Interns!

Happy National Intern Day! We have been extremely lucky and blown away with the interns that walk through our doors here at Precision Walls and our sister company, Advanced Exterior Systems. Our Company developed an internship program years ago so students could gain practical training, hands-on practice, and some additional working-world experience within the Construction industry. We love mentoring our fellow interns and with full participation in this 12-week program, we feel it helps set these individuals up for a successful career path after graduation.

We would love for you to meet our 2019 Summer interns!


John W.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Internship Focus: Project Manager/Estimator

Bucket List Activity: Skydiving

Favorite Childhood Movie: Lion King

Currently watching on Netflix: “Stranger Things”, “The Office” (3rd time), “The Mindy Project” (On Hulu)

First Concert: Lil Wayne


  • Why did you choose Precision Walls, Inc. for your summer internship? This company stood out to me among many others. After reviewing the company’s website and reading testimonies from other employees, it showed me PWI truly cares about their employees and believes in separation of work and life goals. Aesthetics and the building envelope of a structure has always appealed to me which is why PWI has been such a great experience for me.
  • What have you learned from your internship? It’s hard to capture and express everything I’ve learned during these past few months because so much has been helpful. In the field I learned how to layout walls, frame walls and ceilings, install blocking, hang and cut drywall, and most importantly learned how to manage others while doing so. All these skills allowed me to enter the office with knowledge and experience with quantity and pricing. Although I am far from perfect, having the skills to be able to talk to one another about certain topics in my trade has increased my conversation skills greatly. I look forward to continuing to gain knowledge and grow to be one of the best professionals in my field.


Jamar J.

Trident Technical College Berkeley Campus

Internship Focus: Field Operations

Meal of choice for life: Stewed turkey with rice

If you had a talk show, who would be your first guest? Jay Z

Favorite movie: Avengers Endgame

Hobbies: Playing basketball and video games. When I have time, I enjoy ATV riding.


  • What has been your favorite part about interning at Precision Walls, Inc. this summer? Being under my father at the SC Aeronautical Training Center project has been my favorite part of the internship.
  • What have you learned from your internship? In the field, I have learned how to do layout, how to read drawings and find details. I’ve witnessed how the field is ran from all construction view points as far as subcontracting goes. I even gained more insight on the General Contracting side of this industry as well through our interactions with them. I’ve only been in the office for 2 weeks but I’m learning how to use different software and Estimating and takeoff solutions.


Emmei G.

Syracuse University

Internship Focus: Estimating and Architectural Design

Meal of choice for life: Any pasta dish

Hobbies: Photography, dancing and trying new restaurants

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye or Invisible Man




  • What have been you favorite part about internship with Advanced Exterior Systems this summer? I have loved getting exposure to a different side of the industry (as opposed to my architectural studies) and learning some of the ins and outs of business and office culture.