Modular Panel System – M923.

The M923 concept combines modern wall decoration, functional office furniture and movable walls. The result is a complete system that provides privacy in an aesthetic and ergonomically responsible manner. This modular panel system brings individuality and immediacy to any open-plan space, allowing users the flexibility to move and swap panels on their own to create their desired design and setup.


This system offers unique possibilities:

  • Designed for an ergonomic workplace
  • More privacy and less distraction
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • From wall to half height or other heights
  • Panels in a wide range of colors and finishes/materials
  • Profiles can easily be customized
  • Extremely functional for your team
  • You have the ability to easily adjust the design and layout of panels yourself if you choose


Suitable for any environment

  • Quick and easy installation by our skilled installation team
  • Create privacy and separate workplaces/open spaces
  • Customized straight, L and T profiles
  • A recommended solution for offices, schools, flexible workplaces and restaurants


Panel finishes and colors

The panels are available in different colors and materials (like moss, cork, perforated panels, marker boards and textiles). Users can easily change the panels and move them around for their desired look. Because the panels are easy to change, it’s possible to adjust the appearance of a room very quickly and inexpensively.

View all finished and colors here


M923. App for users and architects

Users and architects can discover the possibilities of M923. with an augmented reality (AR) app that’s available on the App Store and on Google Play. The AR app allows the customized wall with all available panels to be placed virtually in any room. With M923. we offer a flexible solution for an ergonomic workplace that promotes productivity and enhances the working atmosphere. Because M923. makes it possible to design and organize one’s own workplace, the slogan “The wall is yours” has been chosen. Work side by side with our in-house design team to make your vision become a reality.

Download the app on the App Store

Download the app on Google Play