Tile Rain-Screen Wall Systems for NC, SC, VA, TN & Beyond

Are you looking for an efficient way to direct rainwater away from the sides of your commercial building? At Precision Walls, Inc. we can help deter rainwater intrusions with our innovative tile “rain-screen” wall systems.

In addition to providing innovative finishes to buildings and refurbishments, our rain-screen systems will allow you to successfully “drain the rain” away from the walls of your commercial building with the creation of an air space that separates and decouples cladding from the support wall.

Reduce Splash & Moisture Transfer with Precision Walls

Get the protection you need from splash and moisture transfer with Precision Walls. Through our installation of a tile rain-screen wall system, we can promote convective airflow and encourage the quick drainage/evaporation of moisture in your air cavity with our use of large, protected openings at the top and bottom of your walls. To further protect the exterior face of the support wall, we offer a drainage layer to eliminate moisture that bypasses both the rain-screen cladding and air cavity.

Advantages of Our Tile Rain-Screen Wall System:

  • Sustainable – All materials are fully recyclable
  • Natural materials – All tiles are made from 100% natural clay materials with no artificial pigments
  • Tiles are colorfast & resist staining
  • Low Maintenance – Can be simply cleaned with water, requiring little or no maintenance
  • Replacement of damaged tile – If one tile is damaged, it can easily be replaced without harming the others
  • Keeps your building dry and protected from the worst weather conditions without the use of grout or sealants and without any need for maintenance.
  • Energy Saving – 50% higher insulation value, which reduces energy consumption
  • Ceramic tiles are self-cleaning
  • Allows air to circulate behind the tiles to provide pressure equalization, which prevents water from being drawn into the building

Prevent Water Damage with Our Southeast Rain-Screen Technology

At Precision Walls, Inc., we can help you eliminate excess moisture and prevent water damage with our proven Southeast rain-screen technology. In addition to our tile rain-screen wall systems, we can help you prevent mold growth in wall assemblies with our fluid applied air/moisture barriers.

For more information about our tile rain-screen wall systems, contact us today at 1-800-849-9255. You can also fill out our contact form to request additional information about our specialty commercial construction company online.

Download our Tile Rain-Screen Wall Systems PDF.

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